marți, 25 august 2009

How far will you go ?

Little Eric got into his room and closed the door with a big slam.He just came back from downtown holding a McDonald`s bag.He gently put on his desk 3 Happy Meal boxes,opened the first one that came to his hands and started eating.A hamburger was not enough to satisfy the kid with a thick layer of fat around his heart,that`s why he bought three of them.Maybe he`s trying to compensate the fact that he is an outsider and that he doesn`t have any friends,he always says that he doesn`t`s hard to believe him.After the third burger and one of the last fries his shirt became too tight.After a few seconds struggle,he managed to take it off and threw it to the other side of his room.He quickly grabbed another shirt,a bit larger.After checking out how his Spore creature is doing,he went to bed.He suddenly woke up when he heard some noise.The window that was in front of his bed was open.The cortains were moving gracefully,as the wind was bringing a certain chill to the room.The courtains stopped moving.The kid was so scarred.He didn`t have the courage to breathe in.He didn`t even blink.Slowly,black smoke invaded the room.Actually,it was more like a serpent,crawling on sand,or a lost spirit seeking his way to the light.The mysterious smoke stopped at the other side of Eric`s bed,after doing the tour of the room.The smoke suddenly meterialized into something.Something that made Eric wet himself.The creature was a combination between Spawn and Gollum.It had rigid arms,yet they seemed strong.The cloak spreaded on his back just like a permanent plague.It was still moving.It had the same aspect as the original black smoke,just a little bit more scarry.The upper part of the cloak was somehow covering the creature`s face,so only it`s eyes could be seen.They were blood red,not moving from the kid`s face.The creature was ready to attack Eric.But it didn`t.Instead,it began talking:
`Hello child`.It`s voice was so deep,the voice you hoped you`d never hear,the voice from your most awful nightmares.
Eric was getting ready to answer.
`Foolish child!You`re not aware of my power,even though i`m just a servent of his infernal majesty!And you`re not aware of the fact that I am hear to take you.`
`W….Whh….What?` replied the boy with tremendous fear in his voice.
`Look at you,look at what you`ve become.Worthless.Better dead than alive,that`s what most of them say.Look!`
Smoke appered in front of the child`s face.It soon transformed in what it seemed to be a floating flat screen.He could see images on it.He saw himself,a few years in the future,fatter and even more pathetic.Another flash showed his something that made him burst to tears.He saw a casket closing,but just before that,he saw that it was him in the coffin,being put down in the ground,his parents on his side.They aged a little bit,but it wasn`t an important aspect.The thing that affected him the most was the fact that his mother was crying.She was crying so bad,that she dropped powerless,still crying though.The images disappeared as the creatured retracted the smoke-plasma..
`Is this what you want to become?Is this how you want to end?Would you endure eternal pain and would you leave endless pain to your parents just for a stupid thing?Are you willing to change in order not to end your life that soon?CAN you change in order to bring happiness?
This is the chance that he,the one I serve,is offering.Either you change or end up in eternal flames.`
Eric didn`t stop crying since he saw the images with his mother.He replied screaming :
`Allright!I`ll change!I give you my word!Just leave me alone!`
The creature began floating and went back to the window:
`Remember.You gave me your word.If you try to break this sacred oath you will be taken to the land of pain by the master himself.Think twice before you try to trick us`.
After these words,the creature vanished.The window was still opened and Eric had to close it.Instead of sleeping on the bed,we went under it,but only after he threw away all his sweets and remains that were lying there.
In the basement,3 people were looking at a screen,and a crew of other 7 were sitting behind them.
`I think it did work`,said a man.
`Yeah…look at him.He`s really up on it.` said a woman.
`I think we changed his life` said another man.
`Aplause for Michael Bay and his crew!` said the first man.
It seemed that none of this was real.It was just the request of two desperate parents that wanted their son to have a better and more healthy life.Michael Bay offered to help them,using new generation-holographic-3d technology,and also, he brought in a crew of seven respectable people in this domain.Eric`s parents were pleased of his reaction and hoped he would change.
How far will you go to bring the life of others on the good track?How far will you go to protect them today so they won`t suffer and regret tomorrow?
How far will you go?

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  1. Faptul ca l-ai scris in eng e cu 2 taisuri. Ideea in sine e faina, dar exemplul ales nu e foarte bun-> se puteau gandi la ceva mai real si mai putin traumatizant.