miercuri, 12 august 2009

1.Back In Business [5:53]

I`m gonna waste your
Guts all over the floor
I`m gonna make you suffer
Like you never did before
I`m gonna hurt you
Gonna bring pain
To the mind lost in vain
Cuz this is how we roll
This is what I wanna show
The epycriptic hypocritic
Turned to hardcore Messiatic
This is how we roll
Once again
Bringin` pain to the vain
Mentally insane
Psychically disfigured
From love and pain
Disgusted by this world
Driving in the fast lane
Mistakes vanish away
As I start to pray
The bound inside of me
Will soon break to pieces
I will release the feces
To show my rage
Hell yeah,we`re back in business!

[short solo 10 sec]

We roll it hardcore
We roll it with biscuits
We roll it so good
That you don`t wanna miss it
It feels so good
To be back again
After all this time
I feel young again
We need you here
To hear us clear
To scream for us
As we give life
To the thing that we do
It is as it should
Stronger than ever
And even more clever
Issues don`t matter for/to us
As we are the solution
To all your problems
So chill out a bit
Pass that shit
Feel like home
Cuz this is how we roll
Hell yeah we`re back!

[turntable mix 10 sec]

They kept me closed
With no remorse [intermediary segment 1 sec]
I feel so regrets
For what i`ll say
They are so cheap
They are some freaks
They want the life
That i`m not willing to give
They want me dead
But I won`t die
Just for the fun of it
I`ll show you their lie
Brainwashing the masses
With media gasses
We are the real
The real last fear
We are the salvation
Join us by association!
We`ll rock some more
We`ll throw some more
Waste into the pit
To make a master...


There`s still a place
Where I can go
Where I can feel
Just like home
Where I`m not kicked
Where I`m not spit
This is..
This is how we roll!
[I] welcome [you] to the show!
Hell yeah we`re back in business!

[intermediary segment]

You`d better cut me some slack
Make me some room
Cut me some slack
Cuz we still bring the boom
Cut me some slack
Cuz we`re back in business
Cut me some slack
Make some room
Can`t resist this
We`re back in business!

[solo 40 sec]

Chorus x 2

Dark times ahead of us
We can`t ignore the past
We must make a better present
For the sake of the future
Regression ahead of us
We can`t ignore this
We can`t complete this
We`re back in business
We roll it like this
We dice it like that
We fuck like this
And don`t give a fuck
We pound like this
We kill like this
We rock like this
We know we were missed
We`re back for good
Get off the hood
Fist in the air
And start to declare
We rock like this
We shine like this
Hell yeah we`re back in business!
[Commercial brain washing]

Chorus x 2

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