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How far will you go? [Part 2]

Sid was waiting in the bus station.He bought a one way ticket to a nearby city.Although the heat was unbarable,being summer,with 38 degrees Celcius,this guy was wearing a Christmas sweater,black jeans and dirty boots.He seemed to be an outsider,wearing 3 centimeters thick glasses,thick rims also,just like grandpa`s,his hair was light brown and curly,the size of a soccer ball.Before getting on the bus,he made sure that his big backpack and suitcase were closed,so he might not loose the treasure that he had hidden there.
He was one of the first people to get on the bus and went straight to the back seats.Nobody was sitting around him,as only 3 quarters of the bus seats were all taken.The front part of it,to be precise.
The way he had to go was not that long.Only 12 minutes had passed when he saw a sign.2 kilometers till that nearby city.Sid knew then that the time had come.He jumped up from his seat,took out a package wrapped in newspaper,opened the suitcase,connected some wires to the package,pushed a button inside the suitcase,tried to close it and screamed as loud as he could :
`BOOYAKA!` .Afterwards he threw it away to the front of the bus.
Then he tried to open the backdoor with brute force.He succeeded.Jumped out of the bus like an eagle flying from it`s nest,ready to attack the pray.Covering his head with his arms seemed to be a good idea,as the impact with the hot pavement was not that brutal.Seconds after,he managed to get up and looked towards the bus.Time seemed to have stopped.Then it happened.The bus exploded.The back part of it went up into the air,made a full rotation and crashed to the ground on it`s right side.Flames and smoke were rising from what was after the explosion just a twisted,massive,piece of metal.
Sid didn`t think too much when he decided to run in the crop fields.That was the moment when he realized that blood was coming out through his sweater and that his left foot hurted a bit.Pain was not a problem at that moment.His head was cracked too,he had two marks on his forehead,but he kept walking.Walking as fast as he could.He couldn`t get lost,as he knew the way.He planned every single step,knew every little detail.
After marching for about half an hour he got to a gas station.
40 meter away from the gas station itself,there was a lightpole with a phone cabin near it.A man was waiting there.His black car was parked behind the phone cabin
As Sid got closer,he was able to see more detailed things.That man was not older than him,he was wearing a black leather jacket and had a white bag on his shoulder.His hair was also black and messy.
`Did you get the money?` asked Sid as he got near the man.
`Sure I did.You thought I won`t stick to the plan,did you?`
`….No dude.What the fuck.I wanted to make sure that everything went right and that you had no problems.`
`No problems occurred man.Taking money from these rednecks is peace of cake!I killed the guardian and went straight to the safe.What about you?`
`The explosion went right.Had some problems when jumping out,but I`m ok now.`
`So I do have to give you the money.`
`Yeah.The explosion went great.The bus fell on it`s side,so nobody could get out.I think they all burned to death.It`s in the middle of fuckin` nowhere.`
`Right,right,nobody to assist you in case of something..`,replied the leather dude rolling his eyes.
`Just gimme my share and let`s get out of here` said Sid quickly,with enthusiasm in his voice.
`5000 each,yes?` asked the leather dude.
`You had to take 10.000 from the bank,and afterwards share it with me.`
The leather dude`s name was Abe.He opened the bag and took out 5 packs of money,1000 $ each.He had a deal with Sid.
`C`mon` said Abe.`Let`s take care of those wounds`.
So they got into the car,and probably drove off to Abe`s home,to get Sid back on track.
If Sid had the courage to plant a bomb in a bus,in the middle of nowhere,making it explode,than Abe had to rob a bank and share the money with Sid.This was part of their deal/bet and it was ok for him.He feeled it was ok for Sid to get half of the money after what he had to do.
How far will you go when it comes to a bet?Are you going to respect a plan even if it is risky or absurde?Will you put yourself in danger,closer than ever to death,just for the fun of it?Just to show that if you give your word,you go all the way?
How far will you go ?

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