joi, 20 august 2009

9.Avenged [10:47]

Soon we`ll make things
Be allright
Soon we`ll have a leader
To make it through the night
Another person like you
Another man like me
To make things right
And face reality
No remorse is his cause
This is what he`ll do
I lost to many friends
Because of the rigid system
I won`t put up with you
I will stand here and wait
Until I am
Finally avenged

Chorus :
Soon.Everything will be ok
Soon.If we all stand and pray
Look what we`ve done
We can`t accept this
Vengeance is the key
To our existence

You took myself and
Dragged me through MUD* *[long and intense]
I won`t stay another day
I need a place to rest
And not to think about THE TRAGEDY
I need the final test
To make me feel AVENGED

[guitar solo 18 sec]

This place is not safe
Can`t you feel the pain?how can you not
It`s affecting everyone!
Pure insanity
Everywhere I look
Not a single man left
To beat this fuckin crook
Beat the shit out of him
Make him BLEED
Make him suffer
For his evil DEED
300 millions
Where are you?
You`re in front of me
But I can`t see you
You`re not proud anymore
Not living anymore
This fuckin bastard
That came from a whore
Turned you into WORMS

Chorus x 2

[2 guitar solos , 1:42]

Where`s that fuckin chainsaw?

[short chainsaw segment]

My brothers died
But that can I do
I can`t make anything
To make it through
I know his secrets
I know his weakness
I can bring him down
In a matter of seconds
I`m scared of the feedback
They will protect him
They will die
As he will live
Feeding with their blood
Paying the tribute
For living in misery
Saintish turned satanic.
I had a dream
A phantom came to me
He was the true bringer
Of equality
He passed me his gift
Now I am blessed
I will fight the leader
Not fearing that i`ll lose

[guitar solo 10 seconds]

Rate of crime
So high
On the streets
These days
I can`t watch anymore
To see another one suffer.
I was walking back home
After a beer with the guys
A man came to me
Full of blood.
Beaten so bad
Teeth pulled out.
Clothing ripped off
How couldn`t I help him.
Another man took his life
His house and his wife.
He was my father
And he fell down dead.
I had to avenge him
I couldn`t decline
To help out my father
After that prick ruined his life
So I grabbed the chainsaw
And fulfilled my mission.

[chainsaw segment + guitar solo]*

Chorus x 2

[guitar solo]*

Chorus x 2


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