vineri, 14 august 2009

2.Revibe [17:38]

[friendly guitar intro]

We live in a time
When every move matters
Where your life depends
On the things that you do.
Making combinations
Trying everything
Even learning a bit
Only to succeed.
The chain of success
Is based on lies
The notorious will rise
And the hard working will die
A slow painful death
Get another life instead
Start all over
Cuz you have no future
With this one.
Blood coming from
An unexpected place
Get shitfaced in the bar
After some drinks
Think what you will
I won`t give up
I`ll strike back soon
Even stronger
Than before.
The journey of sorrow
Has changed me a bit
I will give to recieve
As a matter of fact
By working hard
I changed my life
Thousands of drafts around me
Ask me why
And I`ll tell you.
To reach a certain goal
You must work as much as possible
And pick the right one.
But how do you know
This one is right ?
Isn`t it,maybe,a mistake ?
Once more forsake me
In life you must
Take the risk
Or otherwise you`ll fail
And look like shit
Work my child,as I will support you
No matter what x 4

You think I can`t comprehend
The lie that you put in my head
Can`t realize it is a lie
Can`t get you out of my sight
You`re stuck in my head
Just like a fuckin parasite
What will you do
To make things right
To bring again the sun
To my life ?
Drinkin won`t help
In any way
Wakin to drink
Falling asleep
And wakin up
To drink again
I need a pulse
A pulse of life
I need a fresh start
To go again wild
Or even better.
Talking to a stranger
Making new friends
Build things to last
Can you see what`s happening
Or have you turned blind ?

A young boy named Lyu
Was walking down his hood
When he got home
He felt much more alone.
His parents told him
That they were gonna move
To another country
Just to feel more secure
He had nothing left
Nothing left to do
He packed in a bag
And was ready to move
But not with his parents
Only on his own
He had no choice left
He had to run away.
He went to a friend
His name was Caleb
But they had a fight
So he moved once again.
Lyu went to the harbour
He got money selling fish
But the guy he was selling for
Beat the crap outta him
He was accused of abuse
Accused for starting a riot.
The other workers were with Lyu
This story is true
The man got into jail
He got really nailed
Lyu went far away
To the core of his land
There he robbed a bank
And returned to the shore
There,he goot a boat
And sailed so far away
In the middle of the ocean
A cruiseboat had found him
Taken him on board
And made him part of their crew.
That was the place of love
As Lyu found a woman
They were so in love
But the ship hit and iceberg.
He had survived.
A thing not to deny.
The woman was pregnant
And he had to run again…
I feel like
Another phase should come
To wipe us away
Tu bring joy and delay
This is how we roll
Oh..Wait..Wrong song

[ 3 guitar solos for about 2 minutes]

Screamer :
This fucker forgot
To continue Lyu`s story
I will tell you
What happened onwards.
He got to the States
We don`t know how
He won`t tell how
But we don`t give a fuck.
So he got to the States
Like an immigrant
People didn`t like him
So he changed his name.
His name is Lyo now
He works in a band now
They rock the shit
And he is proud of it.
We don`t know the rest
But I think it`s enough
To have an idea
About the genius fucker.

[solo , intermediary segment to a more strong riff – all these for 2 minutes]

Political assault
We don`t give a fuck
We will stand and fight
Till the final night!
The force is so great
But if we unite
We will win and
Change the system!
Bad news come
Like your mother in law

Singer :
If she won`t shut up
I will bring her pain
With the morning pain
The acid will drop
On that piece of shit
Try to get out
Of my sight
Or else you`ll suffer

[guitar solo , 4 x drum solo – 3 minutes ; 4 x guitar solo – 2 minutes]

Singer,MC & Screamer :
REVIBE! x 20

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