marți, 18 august 2009

7.The Very Last Fear [6:32]

I`ve just had a nightmare
It`s been so horrible
Only tentacles around me
And nowhere were you
While I was sleeping I
Told myself that it
Was juust a dream
And I had to wake up
But looking at my hands
Made me shake with fear
Cuz I managed to bring the nightmare
To the real world

Reality`s a bitch
We can bend it
It tricks us as it can
To bring the worst out of us
We can`t comprehend the fact
That we live in a dream
And that everything
Lies in the dream within

What we dream is reality
It`s been prooven
So chaotic
So imperfect
Take account that life is calculated
Our destiny`s forseen by a PC programme
We`ve been living a lie
Ever since we were born
This thing can`t be shown
But i`m sure that you feel it

Another day I was talking
To a homeless man
He told me to bring the spirit
Back to Western Elm
I was like `What the fuck?
How`s he know about that?`
I left that place when I was a kid
I tried to trick the man
But he gave me a bottle
It was the one I threw away
Before I went away
It had a paper inside
I wrote there a secret
I took it away
And rewrote what you`re reading. [ originally listening ]
Ever since I did that
The life I had became the dream
And everything`s chaotic.
This way it seems
That I reversed the polarity
Of human integrity
I changed the world.
Six billion lives.

[guitar solo.guitar solo,drum solo & turntable solo,feedback solo]

As the rain came
I stood there in shock
I`m better on my way
To wash away the bad luck
The water was so dark
And so aggressive
It took away the precious times
It was just sick progressive

[guitar solo]

I took that life
To give it away
To banish the things
That were haunting me.
My mind was lost
Under the control of the dream
But I managed to fight
The very last fear


The weather is unpleasant
Dark days ahead of us
But I know it will be ok
As I used the key
Against the fear

[guitar solo]

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