luni, 22 iunie 2009

5.A Spot to Fill with Mistakes [14:06]

[3 minutes instrumental intro]

I woke up one day telling myself
That this ain`t the life that I want to live,
But the years have passed and I look to myself
And see that nothing has changed.At all.

Day by day,repeating everything,
Seeing things glow in the evil lighting
I realize that i`ve become a monster,
And I am even closer to the disaster.

Everything has a price,but sre you willing to pay
To go back in time and to fix yesterday,
Are you willing to loose all that you gained
In order to feel secure in the present day,
Is it easy to loose and to win at the same time?
Are you willing to give up and to cross the line?
What will you do to make things right ?
Are you going to tell her the truth tonight ?
Chorus x 2
3 x solo

Regrets surround me, more than I can sense
I lost my life,can`t feel a bit of this taste,
The sarcasm and irony in your voice
Make me think that I have no choice
I`m willing to give up for her to have peace,
I`m willing to die just to see her live.
2 x solo
Chorus x 2

The mistakes I make every day are haunting me.
It`s becoming a nightmare! x 5
Chorus x 4
[fading segment]

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