sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

The Shadow of My Grades

The Shadow of My Fears

original :

I want to be alone

In this cold,dark world

I want to reveal my anger

And get rid of uncertainty.

I want to live again,

I want to love again,

But the shadow of my fears

Is following me.

If words can only do harm

I want to hear nothing.

I drop down and feel the ground

And the image is getting blurry


The riot is to powerful to face

They laugh at me with miserable disgrace

But the shadow of my fears

Is following me

I`ve got so many puches,

I`ve become too numb

To feel the spirit in my soul

And the special things it brings.

I think i am insane

But i have to fight myself

And to prove that in my mind

There is only the shadow of my fears.
Pe asta am luat un 10 la engleza.Cum de?Initial nu am vrut sa o citesc,dar unora dintre colegii mei le-a placut mult si au zis ca merita sa incerc.A fost scrisa acum mult timp,cand soarele apunea si criza mondiala era doar un vis urat luat la misto.
This poem made a lot of sense to me and it still does :).

2 comentarii:

  1. Foarte tare. Am zis-o si atunci si o zic si acum :) Mai scrie poeme ca merge bine.

  2. ai 3 greseli, gasestele!!!!